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  Final Result Haryana Clerk- List of candidates for the post of Clerk in different Sessions Division of Haryana (Advt. No. 7C/CRA/HR/2012).


Panipat Sessions Division is headed by District & Sessions Judge. Presently, this Sessions Division has sanctioned strength of one District & Sessions Judge, 3 Additional District & Sessions Judges, a court of Civil Judge (Senior Division), a court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, a court of Additional Civil Judges (Sr.Division) and 6 Courts of Civil Judges (Junior Division). 3 Civil Judges (Jr.Division) relating to Panipat Sessions Division are under training at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Chandigarh. All of the Civil Judges also exercise the powers of Judicial Magistrates and Rent Controllers. The District & Sessions Judge and Additional District & Sessions Judges exercise powers of Appellate Authority under the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act and as Motor Accident Claim Tribunal. The pecuniary jurisdictions of Civil Judges Panipat Sessions Division also of the appellate courts are unlimited.

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